Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology Colouring and Workbook for Therapists and Healthcare Professionals, Second Edition

Ruth Hull Size: 275 x 212 mm
Black & White Pages: 288
ISBN: 978 1 905367 98 6 Paperback


This newly updated and expanded colouring and workbook complements Ruth Hull’s companion text, Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology for Therapists and Healthcare Professionals but can also be used in conjunction with any other anatomy and physiology textbook.

This comprehensive book covers all the body systems and is the perfect study and revision aid for anyone studying a wide range of complementary therapies from aromatherapy, reflexology and massage to hair and beauty up to level 3. It can be used either in class or as a separate self-study resource, and contains:


  • over 75 brand new illustrations for the student to colour;
  • printed on uncoated paper, the ideal material whether using pen, pencil or crayon
  • a section in which students are encouraged to learn for themselves and revise their work. They are guided through creating mind-maps, spider diagrams, cue cards, mnemonics, and summaries that will help them understand and memorise their work;
  • a series of exercises that test the students knowledge in different ways colouring in and labelling diagrams, matching columns, filling in gaps, problem-solving exercises, cross words, word searches, true/false exercises, and un-jumbling words;
  • vocabulary tests;
  • multiple choice questions;
  • mock exam papers 14 exam papers containing multiple choice questions which cover the entire anatomy and physiology syllabus.



Ruth Hull

Ruth Hull, now based in Australia, is a freelance writer who specialises in natural health. Born and educated in Zimbabwe, she completed a degree in philosophy and literature before studying and practicing complementary therapies in London.


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