The Concise Book of Muscles, 3e

The Concise Book of Muscles, 3e

Chris Jarmey, John Sharkey Size: 275 x 212 mm
Colour Pages: 312
ISBN: 978 1 905367 62 7 Paperback


This fully revised edition is an easy-to-use reference book with a distinctive colour-coded quick-reference format and detailed full-colour anatomical drawings.  It provides a complete profile for each muscle, clearly showing its origin, insertion, action, and nerve supply, the movements that use it, and exercises and stretches that strengthen it. Newly updated material on clinical anatomy and biotensegrity makes The Concise Book of Muscles a necessity for medical students and others entering the world of anatomy and movement.

Chris Jarmey

The late Chris Jarmey, M.C.S.P., D.S., M.R.S.S., qualified as a chartered physiotherapist in 1979 after working for several years as a shiatsu therapist. Shortly after that he studied acupuncture and osteopathy, and founded the European Shiatsu School in 1985.

John Sharkey

John Sharkey, B.Sc., N.M.T., M.Sc. (H.dip.) Equine Science, is an exercise physiologist, anatomist, and neuromuscular therapist.
Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish


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