Fat Loss Happens on Monday

Fat Loss Happens on Monday

Dan John, Josh Hillis Size: 228 x 153 mm
Black & White Pages: 336
ISBN: 978 1 931046 54 1 Paperback


Most diet and workout books are focused on the wrong things: They focus on WHAT instead of HOW. The leanest people focus on how, on their eating habits, not on fad diets. Diets that rely on willpower and discipline fail. The path to results is made up of eleven small, simple, step-by-step habits. Rotating through phases of metabolic, endurance, and strength workouts yields the best fat-loss results.

Dan John

Dan John is a strength coach, a track and field coach, as well as an RKC kettlebell instructor.

Josh Hillis

Josh Hillis is a Denver personal trainer.


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