Recognise Yourself: Beauty Despite Cancer

Recognise Yourself: Beauty Despite Cancer

Jennifer Young Size: 240 x 280 mm
Colour Pages: 288
ISBN: 978 1 905367 59 7 Paperback


The author shares her learning by showing those living with cancer and beyond how to prevent, reduce, disguise, camouflage and soothe their appearance related side effects. Covering subjects such as wig fitting, styling, how to dress you new body, re-growth of hair after treatment, eye brows and lashes, this guide is the most comprehensive beauty, hair, style and well-being cancer beauty guide ever published.

Jennifer Young

Jennifer Young, BSc (Hons) (Biology)
 is an experienced microbiologist, nutritional therapist, associate member of the Royal Society of Medicine, qualified aromatherapist, beauty therapist and product formulator. She has two post-graduate qualifications in health- related fields, has been accepted as an expert witness for occupational health cases, has taught internationally and has been active in medical research.


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