Katharina Brinkmann Size: 240 x 192 mm
Colour Pages: 206
ISBN: 978 1 905367 83 2 Paperback


This book is an Innovative combination of two major fitness trends – yoga and fascia training.


If you want to live a healthy, mobile and pain-free life, it is essential that you take good care of your fascia, otherwise it will become matted and stick together as you age as a result of repetitive one-sided stressors, making us immobile and stiff.


Yoga is an ideal form of fascia training, and renowned author and sports therapist Katharina Brinkmann has provided a dynamic, invigorating approach to it. The exercises in this book help to strengthen and stabilise the core, which is a central element in yoga.  This improves posture and eliminates back pain.


This fully illustrated book contains a comprehensive catalogue of exercises and a sun salutation specially adapted to the fascia – the fascia salutation. Yoga fascia training is the ideal companion for anyone who wants to practice yoga and also stay supple, mobile and pain-free throughout their life.


Katharina Brinkmann


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