Build the Chain Achieve Any Goal and Transform Your Life

Ollie Campbell Size: 234 x 153 mm
Black & White Pages: 144
ISBN: 978 1 913088 01 9 Paperback


DUE: May 2019

Build the Chain – Achieve Any Goal and Transform Your Life, is a goal-setting visualization book that shows you how to plan and execute goals both in your head and in reality. It invites you to join a group of people with one common purpose, ‘Always Improve, Always Evolve, Never Give Up’.

Containing real-life illustrations, this book takes the thoughts and techniques from experts in their field and makes them accessible and appropriate for anyone. A selection of podcasts and audio books has been condensed into manageable bitesize actionable information from which readers can produce results.

The author used his daily action of  ‘building the chain’, collecting his thoughts in a series of recordings whilst walking, and within six months, a book was written. Health and fitness is at the forefront of the information, and as a health and fitness expert, the author links the benefits of exercise, nutrition and mindset to create the super human power of the ‘build the chain’ philosophy.

The idea behind ‘build the chain’ is that you use a visualization technique; as you imagine each day you move towards your goal (one link), which is one link closer to the end goal.

Ollie Campbell

Ollie Campbell qualified as a personal trainer and sports therapist whilst at university. He has developed a training centre in Oxford, which offers training programs, both in-house and online.


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