Born to Walk: Myofascial Efficiency and the Body in Movement

Born to Walk: Myofascial Efficiency and the Body in Movement

James Earls Size: 275 x 212 mm
Colour Pages: 224
ISBN: 978 1 905367 47 4 Paperback


Born to Walk presents the therapist with a powerful tool to assess and analyse movement. It breaks down walking into the ‘essential events’ that are required at each joint, then analyses how this series of events is integrated through the transfer of force along the Anatomy Train lines to create efficient human locomotion.

Author James Earls combines the insights of evolutionary anatomy with the Anatomy Trains(R) model and the latest research on the many roles of the fascial tissues to create an up-to-date and novel vision of how we walk. Understanding the sequence and interrelationship of the ‘essential events’ and the transfer of forces will not only give the therapist a powerful tool to recognise optimal and suboptimal movement, but will also provide a clear format for assessment and guidance in bringing clients towards graceful, integrated movement.

James Earls

James Earls first trained in bodywork in 1991 before studying with Thomas Myers in 2000.  He now practices Structural Integration and massage therapy
in Belfast and is the director of Ultimate Massage Solutions and Kinesis UK.
German, Korean, Polish


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