Bulletproof Bodies: Body-weight Exercise for Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

Ashley Kalym, Ross Clifford Size: 275 x 212 mm
Colour Pages: 144
ISBN: 978 1 905367 89 4 Paperback


From tennis elbow to low back pain, Bulletproof Bodies aims to demonstrate how targeted body-weight exercise can be used to tackle a range of injuries and improve joint range-of-motion, muscle strength and endurance, and ligament and tendon health. As an added bonus, by using the suggested exercises you will also gain strength and physical fitness.

Through engaging multiple parts of the body and stabilizing muscle groups, the exercises in Bulletproof Bodies offer a challenging, stimulating and accessible means of dealing with those niggling injuries. Whether you are already a highly tuned athlete looking to stay at the top of your game, a return-to-fitness enthusiast with new aches and pains, or a moderately active individual keen to overcome that recurring joint pain, Bulletproof Bodies will offer you a range of exercises to target specific body areas and even specific types of condition. Along the way, this book will also educate you on ‘need-to-know’ elements of anatomy and pathology.

Ashley Kalym

Ashley Kalym was introduced to the
value of bodyweight exercise whilst training in the Royal Marine Commandos.

Ross Clifford

Ross Clifford is a UK-registered and chartered physiotherapist with a lifelong interest in human movement and function. He is enthusiastic about the promotion of exercise and physical activity for health, and draws on his knowledge of sport and exercise science to supplement his therapeutic approaches. As a lecturer in physiotherapy, Ross strives to convey technical information in a clear and accessible way to his students, patients and readers.


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