The Gym Journal

Ashley Kalym Size: 221 x 112 mm
Colour Pages: 256
ISBN: 978 1 905367 73 3 Paperback


Whether your goal is to get stronger, faster, lose body fat, increase cardiovascular fitness, or prepare for a sport, The Gym Journal makes it incredibly easy to keep a record of every aspect of your training. With enough room to record five sessions per week for six months, The Gym Journal is the last workout diary you will ever need. Features include:

• Weight conversion table with figures for pounds and kilograms
• Starting stats page, for height, weight, body fat %, and personal records
• Goal setting process, with room to fill out SMART goals
• Fluid intake chart giving your recommended water intake
• Nutritional information on foods, including protein, fats, carbs and calories • One-­‐rep max calculator to help you work out your 1RM for any exercise
• One-­‐rep max % tables to help you correctly periodize your workout
• Record strength exercise information, including sets, reps, weight, and rest • Record cardiovascular information, including sets, reps, distance and time • Record information for six meals, including protein, fats, carbs and calories • Record water intake to help you stay hydrated
• Record your finishing stats, to show how far you have progressed
….and much, much more.

Ashley Kalym

Ashley Kalym was introduced to the
value of bodyweight exercise whilst training in the Royal Marine Commandos.


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